Calendar 2019

Below you can find planned performances, presentations, workshops and classes for 2019. Feel free to contact me in case you are interested in a performance, presentation or workshop so we can discuss options together.


November 27 2019: Interactive theatre performance Not Tested on Animals at the TPI conference in Utrecht

Throughout the year: Met Huid & Haar, primary school performances (can be booked through Theatermakerij Storm). See Gallery for a video.


May 22-24: ‘Of Mice, Monkeys, and Activists: Two case studies of animal activism in the 1990s in the Netherlands’ at the EACAS conference in Barcelona, Spain

June 3: Workshop on ‘Laboratory Choreographies’ at the Art & Medicine: Skilling the Senses workshop by UMake.

July 25: ‘Multispecies Choreographies of Animal Experimentation’ at the HSS conference in Utrecht, The Netherlands


Weekly classes:

Monday 19.30-20.30: Bootcamp @ Anne’s BootCamp (Park Transwijk)

Saturday 9.30-10.30: Bootcamp @ Anne’s BootCamp (Park Transwijk)




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