Bio & CV

Throughout my education and professional live, I have tried to unite my passion for both the arts and sciences. After having studied Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (UU), I went on to study Dance (ArtEZ/ROCMN) and Arts Policy and Management (UU). Subsequently I worked freelance as a dance artist, performing, teaching and choreographing. In 2016, I started as a PhD-candidate at Utrecht University, where I combined more ‘traditional’ scientific research with choreographic research. Since 2021, I work as a postdoctoral researcher at Radboud University.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal information

Name: Anne van Veen

Phone number: 06-19776228




2010-2011 Arts Policy and Management (MA cum laude) at Utrecht University.  

Courses: Arts in society, Recent developments in arts policy, Arts marketing, European cultural policy. Thesis: ‘The Adventures of Johnny Future: a Case Study of a Prison Art Project’ (available online at: )

2009-2011 ‘De Dansopleiding’  at ROC MN in Utrecht (Dancer, Dance teacher, Choreographer)

2008-2009 Dance education at ArtEZ Dance academy in Arnhem 

2006-2007 Several master level courses at the ISHSS (UvA) in Amsterdam in the subject area of Social Policy and Social Work in Urban Areas

2003-2006 Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at Utrecht University (BSc cum laude). Thesis: ‘Gedist!? Jongeren en Straatcultuur in Utrecht’ (available online at:  

Minor: Methods & Statistics

2001-2003 Teacher training college at Hogeschool Domstad and Hogeschool van Utrecht in Utrecht 

1996-2001 High School (gymnasium) at the Oosterlicht College in Nieuwegein. Courses: Dutch, English, German, French, Greek, Mathematics, History, Art History, Drama, Biology, Chemistry

Extended Education & Certificates

2005 Cambridge Proficiency English course at Volksuniversiteit in Nieuwegein (CPE- certificate obtained, grade: A)

2009 Training program ‘De deur uit’ by Alleato in Nieuwegein (assessment method for isolated migrant women)

2011 Certificate SEPE (Supporting Employability and Personal Effectiveness through the arts) by Superact!-UK

2012 Certificate ‘Bootcamp Instructor’  by OUT!

2012 Certificate ‘Vreedzame Wijk’ (‘Peaceful Communities’) by Eduniek

2013 Laban Summer School in London (classes: Cunningham, ballet, flying low, choreography)

2015 Workshop Countertechnique (4 days) by Nina Wollny at HJS in Amsterdam

Work Experience

2021-present Postdoctoral Researcher at Radboud University.

2016-2021 PhD-Candidate at Utrecht University, Freudenthal Institute.

2011-present Dance Artist: I have been working as a freelance dance artist since 2011,

choreographing, performing and teaching. Choreographic work:

2012-2020 Met huid & haar Physical theatre piece by Theatermakerij Storm for primary education. I am one of the three performers and choreographer of the dance parts.

2017 Cage performance. Performative installation about animal testing in which the audience reperforms a cage experiment that was conducted with long-tailed macaques in the 1980s. The audience then reflects on the question ‘Are you an animal?’. Performed at the Weekend of Science, RIVM and at the TLL Fall Festival, Utrecht University.

2013/2014 A shared self is a liked self Piece performed by myself and the audience about rituals in the era of social media. Audience members were instructed to perform rituals including movement, text, smart phones and random objects. The rituals were based on neuro-scientific research and at the same time complete nonsense since I made them up myself.

2013 Move Over! Site-specific and multidisciplinary piece in cooperation with musicians and a visual artist performed by a group of amateur dancers, most of whom had a physical and/or mental disabilities.

2011 25062011 Dance piece performed and created in a nursing home about the experience of space and time by the residents (based on dancing sessions with residents, observations and interviews).

2011 Johnny Future Musical Theatre piece co-created by a group of artists and prison inmates in PI Krimpen a/d Ijssel. I participated as a choreographer and performer   and conducted research for my master thesis.

2007 Research assistant for the research project ‘Democracy and citizenship in primary education’ at  Utrecht University

2006-2007 Research assistant for the research group Adolescence at  Utrecht University. Research project: ‘I  am not a child anymore!’ Intradyadic variability and developmental transitions in mother-daughter relationships during early adolescence. I collected data (questionnaires and video recordings) and analyzed video recordings using the program Observer.  

2005 Teaching assistant at the department of Methods & Statistics at Utrecht University. I taught SPSS computer-labs to first-year social science students.


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