As a choreographer I want to create pieces with social relevance that actively engage the audience. Sometimes the audience members are also the performers! Currently, I am doing choreographic research into human-animal relations as part of my PhD research on the History of Animal Testing Practices.

Previous work:

2012-present Met huid & haar Physical theatre piece by Theatermakerij Storm for primary education. I am one of the three performers and choreographer of the dance parts. See Gallery for a video.

2018-2019 Not Tested on Animals Interactive theatre piece about the history and future of animal testing. Created and performed by Victoria de Leeuw and myself, in collaboration with makers collective De Kwekerij for and performed four times at the Meet the Future Festival at Utrecht Science Park, RIVM New Year’s Opening, U-AIM debate evening. See Gallery for photos, video registration available upon request

2017 Cage performance. Performative installation about animal testing in which the audience reperforms a cage experiment that was conducted with long-tailed macaques in the 1980s. The audience then reflects on the question ‘Are you an animal?’. Performed at the Weekend of Science, RIVM and at the TLL Fall Festival, Utrecht University. News article about the performance:

2017 Choreography of the March Of Protest created by artist duo Bureau D’etudes as part of the Zero Footprint art project at Utrecht Science Park

2015/2016 Choreography for ‘The Wild Party’ by Liz Musical theater

2015 Choreography for the music video ‘Light up the Sky’ by the Handsome Poets.

2013/2014 A shared self is a liked self Piece performed by myself and the audience about rituals in the era of social media. Audience members were instructed to perform rituals including movement, text, smart phones and random objects. The rituals were based on neuro-scientific research and at the same time complete nonsense since I made them up myself.

2013 Move Over! Site-specific and multidisciplinary piece in cooperation with musicians and a visual artist performed by a group of amateur dancers, most of whom had a physical and/or mental disabilities. 

2011 25062011 Dance piece performed and created in a nursing home about the experience of space and time by the residents (based on dancing sessions with residents, observations and interviews).

2011 Johnny Future Musical Theatre piece co-created by a group of artists and prison inmates in PI Krimpen a/d Ijssel. I participated as a choreographer and performer   and conducted research for my master thesis.




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